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Poster: Erich Date: Dec 25, 2002 12:33pm
Forum: etree Subject: Guess what?

If i offended you you can kiss my ass. If you dont like seeing me post about things, you can kiss it again, cause i dont care. If admin wants to stop me from posting my opinions then let them, but so far i dont see that, so tough. Im not the only one thats gotten confused about things of the sort, and im outspoken so i'll say it.

And as for "foul language", were you born under a rock that you never heard people expressing excitment for something using "explicit" phrasing? There are filters that can be used if its that big a problem.

I like this place. Its due to that fact im going to take every oportunity i can to express my opinion about certain topics. until someone bans me for that, youre going to have to cope, eh?.

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Poster: brewster Date: Dec 26, 2002 12:40am
Forum: etree Subject: Posts that are not generally helpful


My name is Brewster Kahle. I am the digital librarian of the Internet Archive. We provide these services as a public service. The forums are used for those posting questions, answers, and announcements that are generally helpful to our patrons. While this is not an easy to draw line, it is often quite easy in practice.

If we find the comments on these forums are not generally helpful to our user base, then we will delete posts, and limit those posters from posting.

we have done this to spam already.

Please keep your comments in line with those one would expect in libraries.

If you would like to discuss this directly, I can be reached at

Thank you.


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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 25, 2002 11:26pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Tone of discourse

Please keep your comments in line with those one would expect in libraries.

Thanks for the classic librarian's polite tap on the shoulder, Brewster!

The front page of does show the most recent post topics right up front, and as a mom I've been sensitive to that at times. It would be a shame to have the same page that links to the ICDL be one that gets caught by NetNanny all the time. ;)

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Poster: Jay Date: Dec 25, 2002 12:51pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Guess what?

I'm not offended. I just don't see the need for this thread. Where are all these posts assuming this is a DMB only resource?

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Poster: Erich Date: Dec 25, 2002 1:00pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Guess what?

one of them is a few threads below about henry hart, who i had no idea was a dmb taper until i met him on a board about an hour ago. and Rochester therefor meant a dmb show, though I also had no idea. I showed henry the thread that called for him so hopefuly the guy was contacted, but its still not the best assumption to make. And other times there have been posts that have just been dates with no band prefix with an assuption people knew it was dmb, and it was commented on by other people that specifics were necessary as this isnt a dmb board. Its not a huge occurance and therefor in your eyes and maybe the eyes of others it may not have warrented a thread about it, but it confuses me many times when i read through threads where people assume we know theyre talking about dmb.

If you feel its not an issue even worth mentioning, then thats fine. the thread wouldve dropped and it would be no skin off anyones back. Im no mod nor am i in charge, but i know whats confusing to me at times and I know i cant be the only one who thinks the way I do. further, if you dont like the quality or quantity of my posts, and seeing as i refrain from saying anything thats truly objectionble (fuck doesnt even count. seriously), its your issue and not mine, so im not going to refrain just to adhere to your asthetical preferance.

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Poster: bleblanc Date: Dec 26, 2002 2:42am
Forum: etree Subject: Being outspoken...

im outspoken so i'll say it.... its your issue and not mine

It's fine if you have an opinion and care less about what others think of you . I agree with you that some of these posts could give us all a little more info. This is a discussion board. However, do us all a favor and phrase it more lightly.

You're not only representing yourself when you post here, but also representing a vocal member of the community that uses this resource. We all hate to admit it, but the actions of a vocal few often generate the public image of the larger community they are a member of. Your flagrant posts might be the first (and last) thing an artist reads when he or she stops by the site to consider joining our project.

It's understandable that some of us differ in opinions and can get heated about them. It happens. Just use a little care when hitting submit, since it's probably going to get read by a few hundred folks - who knows who - Artists that are considering joining, folks considering helping out the IA with donations...

Tone it down. If you can't, please take it off the board. It's all of our issues' if your anger causes folks to decide that they don't want their work affiliated with us.


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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: Dec 27, 2002 2:32pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Being outspoken...

I agree with this point. There's no need for any anger from anyone. Voicing opinions is crucial for progress. But choice of words makes a huge difference in how opinions are perceived and how they make others feel about their work.

Thanks for pointing this out Brad. And thanks to everyone, including those who are outspoken, for being vocal and contributing your thoughts.

Especially with the holidays upon us, it's nice to be nice to one another, even when we disagree.

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